This Memorial Day Weekend, (May 28, 29, and 30) the 26th Annual Top Gun Soccer Tournament will be taking place all over Mira Mesa. Each year this tournament showcases Mira Mesa as a Proud and Friendly Community.

The Top Gun Tournament is the largest event of the year for the Mira Mesa Community and one of the most anticipated AYSO soccer tournaments in Southern California. There will be over 140+ soccer teams representing AYSO regions from all over Southern California, Arizona and beyond. This will result in approximately 10,000 visitors comprised of players from ages 8-19, parents, coaches, referees and siblings attending the tournament and our community.

This event is hosted by the Mira Mesa Soccer (AYSO Region 285) with support from the Mira Mesa Recreation Council and is conducted as a fundraiser for our local soccer program. Funds raised help keep the registration fees reasonable and afford us the opportunity to provide scholarships for children of active Military, financially disadvantaged families, and those with special needs. Also, the funds allow us to purchase new equipment, support field development, and maintenance.

In addition, through financial and equipment donations, we are able to contribute our local public elementary, middle, and high schools. We also provide assistance to the local community college and the local community centers as well as our neighboring AYSO soccer regions to develop their respective programs.

Unlike other competitive soccer tournaments, AYSO only soccer tournaments are completely operated by a wonderful group of volunteers. These volunteers are very dedicated to making the sport of soccer a safe, fun and competitive environment for the kids. In all, there will be 400+ volunteers over the 3-day weekend providing their services as field coordinators, team check-in assistants, referees, coaches, etc.

We are happy to report fifteen local Mira Mesa Soccer teams participating in the tournament this year including U10 Girls and Boys teams, U12 Girls and Boys teams, U14 Girls and Boys teams, U16 Girls team, and U19 Girls and Boys teams. Teams will be playing on 17 soccer fields at locations such as Hourglass Park, Wangenheim Middle School, Walker Elementary School, Mira Mesa Recreation Center, and Mira Mesa High School.

We wish success to all of our local teams in the tournament!

Come out this Memorial Day weekend and watch some great soccer!!

If you would like to assist or participate in any capacity, please contact the tournament director, Scott Potter,