In August of 2013 a half dozen or so Girl Scouts from Mira Mesa Troop 8450 came to our Recreation Council meeting with an idea. They wanted to hold a “Dog Event” at the Off-Leash Dog Park at Maddox Neighborhood Park the following October. They would use the proceeds to purchase an outdoor bulletin board to be installed next to the entrance to the off-leash park. How could we say no to Girl Scouts, they sell us all those great cookies every year.

Well, son-of-a-gun, the event was a big success (My daughters Chihuahua, Lulu, even won cutest in class). The girls gave the proceeds to P&R staff who purchased and installed the bulletin board. In 2014 MMRC purchased the plaque that’s on the board acknowledging the girls accomplishment. The entire bulletin board, including the tack surface, is made of recycled plastic so it should never rot or be dinner for termites.

Following the girls lead, in 2015, MMRC ordered two more of these bulletin boards for Mesa Verde and Mesa Viking Neighborhood Parks. There is also an existing bulletin board at Hourglass Field Community Park that was installed as part of it’s original construction years ago.

At the Nov. 2015 meeting of the MMRC, the funds necessary to purchase six more of these boards was approved. Hopefully they will all be installed by the end of 1Q/16. Then Mira Mesa will have public access bulletin boards at ten of our twelve parks. As the remaining two parks are facing imminent construction for renovation and expansion they will have to wait a few years for their bulletin boards.