Well, it’s that time of the year, Santa Claus will be flying by soon. There are those who would say I should start this piece with “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”. But that would not be me, so, light your candles and decorate your homes cuz it’s gonna be a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”, “HAPPY CHANUKAH” and “JOYFUL KWANZAA”, which ever is appropriate for you and your family. I wish you all the very very best and be sure to have a very “HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

Here in Mira Mesa it may be a difficult time for Santa, I hear the reindeer may go on strike. It’s something about how much of their grain is being used to make beer at Callahan’s. And they’re not very happy about their pension plan either!

At MMRC we always say “Oh, but it’s for the kids” so this year we may hear Santa shouting … On Bruce … On Joe … On Jeff … Ken, go left, never mind your GPS … On Karen … Fay, stop talking, just pull … Julius … Julius … Oh never mind!

And then suddenly it will all be over, the kids will have their presents, everybody’s belly will be full, the wine bottles will be empty and we’ll all have a warm glow in our hearts for family and friends. All, as it should be!

Then we’ll have about a week until our kids in the SAPPHIRE SOUND MARCHING BAND from Mira Mesa High School share their wonderful sound with the entire world while marching in the 2016 ROSE BOWL PARADE on New Years Day. It’s been a really good year for Mira Mesa, now, about the encore ……