That jolly old man in the red suit flying through the sky in a sleigh being pulled by reindeer will soon be here bringing gifts for all in Mira Mesa. It happens every year on Dec. 24th, Christmas Eve, without fail. Doubt me, just check with NORAD, they track his around the world trip every year so kids of all ages can follow along on their phones.

Of much more interest to Mira Mesans should be the year around, almost daily, trips that we can all observe, by Tim Manion’s band of merry men, the GMW’s of Mira Mesa, no sleigh pulling for these guys, they each have their own white SDP&R truck! On Ant. On Jose & Zack. On Jaime & Vic. On Eleazar and go Rockie go.

Santa has seven reindeer pulling one sled and Tim has seven Grounds Maintenance Workers (GMW) taking care of eleven of the twelve parks in Mira Mesa. Hmmmm.

So when you see one of the “Magnificent Seven” hard at work in a park, say hello and let them know that they really are appreciated by the community. They work hard for our benefit and deserve a shout out like Jennifer Batson did recently on Nextdoor about one of our “MagSeven” who tried to help with some “leashless” dogs & dog owners.