Salk Neighborhood Park / Maddox Neighborhood Park

Park Summary

After over 30 years of waiting the community finally had a new elementary school built. Jonas Salk Elementary School, located on the corner of Flanders and Parkdale (next to Maddox Neighborhood Park) opened in September of 2015.

If you look closely, you will notice graded but vacant land to the south and west of the school. This area (4.1 acres) belongs to the city of San Diego and will become an annex. to Maddox Neighborhood Park. The City and the San Diego Unified School District have also entered into a joint use agreement that will allow areas on the school campus (another 4.1 acres) to be used for park purposes during the time that school is not in session.

Maddox Park is being seamlessly merged with the undeveloped park
acreage behind Salk School. The 3rd and hopefully final community design
input meeting was Aug. 8th. Estimated completion 2019-2021.


  • TBD