Yup, you read that right, $60,000,000, a whole big bunch of money!

That’s the estimated minimum amount of money that will be required to plan, design and construct the four parks/park expansions that are currently under way in Mira Mesa.

These include a three phase addition/renovation to MIRA MESA COMMUNITY PARK, an addition to MADDOX NEIGHBORHOOD PARK, an addition/renovation to WALKER NEIGHBORHOOD PARK and the totally brand spanking new CANYON HILLS RESOURCE PARK.

The MIRA MESA RECREATION COUNCIL has been/will be involved in the planning and design of all four park projects and, in some cases, the ideas, thoughts & comments of the local community have been/will be solicited at community meetings.

About $25,000,000 is currently available to be spent on these projects. The first phase addition to the MIRA MESA COMMUNITY PARK is fully funded and construction will begin in late 2015. The final design and function/programming of phases two and three is not yet finalized.

The new addition to MADDOX NEIGHBORHOOD PARK is a “joint use” (SDUSD) addition to the park next to the new Salk Elementary School, it is fully funded and planning/design are imminent.

The addition/renovation to WALKER NEIGHBORHOOD PARK is another “joint use” (SDUSD) park. It involves both Walker Elementary School and Wagenheim Middle School. The project involves incorporating and expanding the playing fields of Wagenheim Middle School into what is now WALKER NEIGHBORHOOD PARK, it too, is fully funded and planning/design are imminent. It is hoped that the resulting new neighborhood park will be given an appropriate new descriptive name such as SCHOOLHOUSE PARK, EDUCATION PARK, EDUCATORS PARK, etc.

The new CANYON HILLS RESOURCE PARK will be a totally new type of park for Mira Mesa. At this time only the planning and preliminary design have been funded and will commence in 2016

And, in our spare time, we’re in the final stage of construction of the playground shade structure at WESTVIEW NEIGHBORHOOD PARK and we’ll certainly be involved in the repurposing of the MIRA MESA TEEN CENTER as the current lessee has advised that they are walking away from their lease as of November 1, 2015.

The building and it’s use/lessee are an important adjunct to our MIRA MESA COMMUNITY PARK and, therefore, the MIRA MESA RECREATION COUNCIL.

When all these projects are completed, on the long range radar, there are new parks such as PARKDALE NEIGHBORHOOD PARK, OVERLOOK NEIGHBORHOOD PARK and hopefully our third, yet unnamed, COMMUNITY PARK down in Carroll Canyon. These projects will almost certainly be planned/designed with the benefit, wisdom and input from a future MIRA MESA RECREATION COUNCIL.