San Diego is now home to the U.S. Navy’s “Big Stick”, the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Mira Mesa is home to “The Voice”. They are similar because both the aircraft carrier and The Voice are big and powerful. The voice is usually calm, cool and well modulated but if you watch closely you can see an occasional subtle rolling of the eyes or an all but imperceptible shaking of the head. Then, when all others seem to loose their common sense and reasoning, the Voice speaks, normalcy is restored and the problem at hand is settled. It’s especially disconcerting for whom ever happens to be speaking at the time that the Voice speaks.

Teddy Roosevelt’s motto was, “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. Bruce Brown, The Voice, also speaks softly, but with a big voice.

Bruce has the amount of patience, persistence and resolve that is rarely seen in any one person. I once asked him how he managed to deal with the myriad of frustrations that come with working with the city? His answer ……. “I say please and thank you a lot”. A classic understatement if I ever heard one !

At 11:00 AM on Friday Dec. 11th there will be an official ground breaking ceremony for the new addition to Mira Mesa Community Park. Our Mayor and City Council Representative are scheduled to be on hand to speak to the assembled crowd. Bruce will surely be asked to say a few words. What the crowd will hear from Bruce is the well modulated, calm, cool voice of a very gracious man with great judgement. This project has been in the making for over 20 years, that’s a whole big bunch of saying “please and thank you”.

Well, here’s one more thank you Bruce, only this time it is us who are thanking you. We are proud to say we know you and we salute The Voice.