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Meditation & PiYo

Mondays 7-8pm at Lopez Ridge – This class provides dynamic flowing sequences that burn calories and elevate your metabolic rate to burn more fat. Come join us to improve your focus and flexibility.

Past Chairmen of the MMRC

by Al Radick Don Castor, circa 1978/1982 Ted Van Poucke, circa 1991/1998 Bruce Brown, 1997, 2002, 03, 06 & 07 Jeff Stevens, 2012 Joe Fritchel, 1994, 2004, 05, 08-11 & 13-16. NOTE: Unfortunately this is an incomplete list as apparently there was and is no...

Foggy Morning

by Al Radick On a typical gloomy June morning in San Diego, eastbound on Flanders Drive, a car emerges through the morning fog as it arrives at Maddox Dog Park. The first of Mira Mesa’s unsung volunteers arrives to await their cohort. Soon another car arrives...