Shade Structure Dedication

The new Westview Shade Structure was dedicated on Saturday, October 10. Councilmember Chris Cate, along with a number of dedicated Recreation Council volunteers, helped cut the ribbon to officially open the play area.

It’s now official, as of 9:00AM on Monday, August 31, 2015 a San Diego City building inspector, Mr. Reynolds, confirmed that the Shade Sail Structure at Westview Neighborhood Park in Mira Mesa was completed in exact accordance with all plans and specifications.

The following are a series of photos of the construction process which began on July 7, 2015.

Westview Park shade structure construction begins:

WestShadeConst1 WestShadeConst2 WestShadeConst3 WestShadeConst4
Drilling the seven post support holes. Rebar cages that will go into the post holes. The holes are drilled and the cages are in place. The holes and rebar are filled with concrete, a total of 17 yards.

Erecting the posts:

WestShadeConst5 WestShadeConst6 WestShadeConst7 WestShadeConst8
Here comes the first post. Setting it in place. Bolt it down to the concrete. All seven installed.

Total project completion:

WestShadeConst9 WestShadeFin01 WestShadeFin02
Post installation completed and play area restored. The shaded playground at Westview Park Our first customer