Our Thanks

Acknowledging Those Who Made This Possible


The Mira Mesa Recreation Council is most appreciative of the time, skills and talents that the following folks have volunteered toward the launch of this web site.
We luv y’all.

ANGEL TORRES – A student at Miramar College who volunteered to select and design the original platform upon which this site is built.

FAY HAMILTON – One of our own, who secured our domain name for us and did some of the initial site work.

TED BRENGEL – Nobody does it better than Mira Mesa’s own “Picture Guy”. He’s provided us with many great shots of our parks. Ted also “moonlights” as the President of the Mira Mesa Town Council as well as a vital member of the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group.

BARI VAZ – Originally volunteered to be our Web Mistress, did such a good job that we hired her, at a very low rate, which required her to jump through a whole series of the city’s hoops to get approved.

JULIANA LAMBERT – Current Webmaster.

PAM & JEFF STEVENS – The masters of all things historical about Mira Mesa, provided much of the detailed info on our site.

BRUCE BROWN & AL RADICK – The original visionaries of our site who are always reminding others to keep pushing. They have also done almost all of the writing on the site.

And last but not least;
TRENA BENNETT – Not a volunteer, but rather the Center Director at Lopez Ridge Neighborhood Park. She was “drafted” to help us out by finding several volunteers for us to interview to do the original platform design, which is how we found Angel Torres. She also provided us with meeting space for interviews several times.