Tim Allen

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“Tim Allen Memorial Bench at Sandburg Neighborhood Park”

Tim Allen was killed while rushing to “his” park on his motorcycle when he was told that vandals were in the process of damaging some of trees that he cherished. Tim started volunteering actively in Mira Mesa several years ago on the revitalization of Sandburg Park. As chairman of the Sandburg Park committee of the Mira Mesa Recreation Council, he had been a catalyst for many improvements in the park including new playground equipment and an annual “Sandburg Park Volunteer Day”. Tim has been actively involved with the Mira Mesa Street Fair since its inception in 1999. He published the Street Fair Souvenir Program and coordinated all the static displays for the Street Fair. Mr. Allen published the 4th of July Souvenir Program and been responsible for soliciting major donations for the 4th of July fireworks. He was also the driving force behind the creation of the Mira Mesa Monster Manor, the annual Halloween haunted house started in 2001 to benefit the Mira Mesa 4th of July Committee. Tim organized over 200 volunteers and solicited over $30,000 in donations each year for this event. Tim also assisted other groups in the community including: Friends of the Mira Mesa Library, Stakeholders, Halloween Carnival, Mira Mesa Presbyterian Church & Preschool and San Diego City Schools. For all of Tim’s efforts he was named volunteer of the year in 2003.

The above history was taken from the Mira Mesa Town Council Volunteer of the Year page by Jeff and Pam Stevens.